IoT is impacting the future of Web Development, but how?

IoT is said to be one of the largest services delivered by the world’s top End to End Development Companies in 2018. Hence, there is no denying of the fact that IoT holds a great impact on every aspect of people’s lives now.

A whopping $19 trillion is anticipated as cost-savings and profits from investments in IoT Development.

IoT: A Brief Introduction

Internet of Things is an inter-networking of smart devices, which can create a great effect on eCommerce upgrade. It connects conventional technologies, such as radio frequency identifiers, sensors, actuators, bar codes, GPS, satellite technology, internet protocols, etc. Let’s have a look at the comparison between IoT market share of global healthcare in 2018 and 2028.

IoT and Web Development: The Connection

IoT is one of the crucial factors that presently drives the future of Web Development Trends. You might be wondering about the link between IoT and Web Development. So the thing is that many IoT devices can showcase web content like user interfaces on smart apps, wearables, laptops, etc.

This is where IoT can change the future of web development. For instance, Amazon’s Echo comes with Alexa, the virtual assistant. It searches the web with the help of back-end browser. Therefore you see, how vastly the way people use the web is being changed.

IoT Web Development: The Integration and The Impacts

With IoT, Web Development can go to a new height. It can make business-customer engagement seamless, engaging, and fast. The front-end like cameras or sensors will communicate with users whereas the back-end is going to store information. With the use of IoT technology, information is expected to come from any kind of devices.

Let’s see how the pattern of active connections in IoT is expected to change over the next 5 years.

Dynamic User Interfaces

IoT systems gather a vast amount of data; in turn, it displays a lot of analytics and infographics. For this reason, dynamic UIs allow dynamically creating of portlets/ pages. In addition, UIs offer support for user interaction with the IoT system.

Strong back end design

IoT ensures that the link between the user and IoT devices is at all times seamless. Every device has certain commands and data that operate exactly according to the users’ inclinations. Strong back-end architecture only strengthens such behavior. Some of the current IoT back-end systems are at times, not quite accurate. But in the coming years, things are expected to change.

Powerful Security

Often it is said that IoT platforms could pose high risk to security. However, to prevent the same, Open Web Application Security Project has been developed. This was initiated back in 2014 and has been going strong ever since.

The Future of Web Development under the influence of IoT

Let’s have a look at some future projects that show us the most surprising numbers.

Cisco says that only .06% of things(or devices) could be connected to the internet at present. That leaves a lot of room for growth obviously.

IoT, as predicted by McKinsey, has the potential to drive improved productivity to the tune of $36 trillion in operating costs across multiple industries including healthcare, mining, and manufacturing by the end of 2025.

Approximately 61% of companies leveraging IoT are hiring NodeJS Developers, Front-end Developers and AngularJS Developers for working on high-end projects for the front-end web in amalgamation with IoT.

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