Web App Development Frameworks : Top 10 most popular and progressive frameworks

With the invention and innovation around new technologies by every progressive web app developer, things that were not possible before have now come into existence. Of late, the number of Web Frameworks have increased greatly. In addition, Progressive Web Apps are being created for user experience that has the reach of the web, are reliable, fast and engaging.

Web Apps: What makes them Progressive?

Web Application Framework or Web Framework is a software platform that is designed to support the development of web applications. These frameworks are libraries that help you build your application faster and smarter.

Progressive Web Apps blend latest technologies with the best practices of Web App Development. They result in developing fast, reliable and engaging experiences. It creates a native-like experience for the user. These Apps allow your business to deliver enriched user experiences with optimized time and cost.

To help you pickup the most suitable one for your Web Application, we are about to list the 10 best Web App Development Frameworks available online.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an extremely efficient web application framework that can develop an application at least ten times faster than a typical Java framework. Moreover, Rails comprises everything needed to create a database-driven web application, using the MVC pattern.

Nearly 4,00,000 websites on the internet are powered by Ruby on Rails.


Angular is one of the remarkable frameworks among all other competitive progressive web apps. The reiterating factor of the Angular framework is its simplicity. It is known as an open-source front end JavaScript framework. For the development of a dynamic SPA (single-page web application), Angular is said to be the best option.

It amounts to nearly 65% popularity among Web Developers across the globe.


Django is one of the best web frameworks of 2019, that helps in building quality and fast web apps. It can easily create fast, scalable and performance-rich apps in the most effective manner.

Django was primarily created to meet fast moving newsroom deadlines.


React is a component-based JS library to build user interfaces. Presently, React is being used and maintained by Facebook; it can be effectively used as a dedicated foundation to develop single-page Web Applications.

React has a Github score of 99 thus topping the list of all Web Development Frameworks.


ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft; it helps us to build powerful web applications for PC, as well as mobile and web. It is a high performance and lightweight framework for building high-speed and feature-rich Web Apps.

Among top 10K Websites, ASP.net contributes 7.14% which makes it the second most popular Web Development Framework.


VueJS is one of the prominent and leading frameworks in the present times. It is also said to be the paradise for every Web Developer. The usability, adaptability and comprehensive results have managed to make it the foremost choice for one and all.

VueJS has over 2,00,000 live websites across the internet.


MeteorJS is a framework which gives one a comparatively simpler way to build real-time, highly secure Web Apps. It allows for rapid prototyping which is one of the most desirable aspects for every business at present.

Only in the US, MeteorJS has enabled the creation of over 7000 websites and web apps.


ExpressJS is a minimal Web Development Framework that provides a robust set of features for web applications. Express facilitates rapid development of JavaScript based applications.

Express has notched up a Github score of 89 and stack overflow score of 85 thus securing a remarkable position among all Web Development Frameworks.


Created in 2011, Laravel like all other modern frameworks, it follows the MVC pattern. It delivers intuitiveness, Simplicity and Readability. It’s an easy to learn technology meant for fast learning and even faster implementation.

Laravel powers nearly 1,50,000 websites and apps across the internet.


CodeIgniter is a famous web application framework to build dynamic and robust websites. It promises exceptional performance, minimal configuration and zero heavy-weight libraries.

There are 10,00,000 live websites being driven by CodeIgniter across the globe.

The adaptability and usability of PWA development have been effective. Moreover, it is followed by a wide range of startups, business and enterprises across industries. Hence, it is believed to be a good practice to rely on one of the above mentioned frameworks for the development of Web Apps.

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